I love a good wander. Turning corners and turning pages, following streams and links and strangers. And ending up somewhere completely unconnected. Or somewhere familiar. Or somewhere thats worth clipping into Evernote.

Wandering is great because it introduces us to new things. And new things make us ask questions. And when we have questions, I like to think they’re best explored by taking a wander. To see what we find. To see what we trip over. To see when we get lost.

For years I’ve been taking wanders led by a desire to better understand the world and the way it works. I’ve decided to start sharing them in the hope they can be extended a little further.

Why not join me?

(there’s no map, but if we get lost we can always follow the biscuit crumbs back to base)


I love a good question. Questions that open up conversations, challenge mediocrity or help us unravel the world. Questions you just want to hug because they make the world more lovely. Good old questions.

I particularly love good questions because they come from such a brilliant place. I call it wonder. Wondering… Why? Wondering… If? Twin wonders that look to shake shit up and see if settles a little better. Lovely wonder.

But questions aren’t enough in themselves. Questions are only valuable when they kick up dirt or settle our stomachs, and to do that they need to hook up with an answer. It might be the wrong answer, it might be another question dressed up as an answer, but at least it’s something. And if we have something, then we’re moving in the right direction.

I like the idea of moving in the right direction, which is why this website exists. Here’s to kicking up dirt and settling stomachs…

Oh, hello there…

There is, at some point, always a beginning.
This is it.


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